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Diane Lane Fucking On The Floor

Friday, March 6th, 2009

Could this be another exercise Diane Lane got into to get herself prepared for her 2002 movie “Unfaithful“?  Well, it certainly doesn’t look like she was rehearsing for “My Dog Skip” here.  Although I just think this was a candid shot taken while Diane Lane was just enjoying a good fuck.  I mean, why can’t a hot momma like her get some hard, juicy cock in her pussy whenever she feels like it?  That could even be her current hubby Josh Brolin fucking her there on the floor.  Or maybe it’s even her first husband Christopher Lambert pounding her pussy.  All that should important to us is that there’s a photo of it and we get to see her smooth slit swallow that man sausage!  She looks like she’s really enjoying the moment too, which is probably why she didn’t notice the camera taking a picture of this hot carnal moment

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