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Diane Lane Sucking Cock For The Camera

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Caught by the camera, we have actual photos of Diane Lane stroking someone’s cock (on her way to sucking it.)  Here’s a teaser of the image to show just how hot we think it is.  I mean this is Diane Lane, and I think she’s one hot MILF, and I bet you do to.  Having her suck some guy’s erection is a big turn on, even if it may be her husband Josh Brolin.  Just imagine the sight of Diane Lane’s lips gliding over your cockhead, then down the shaft before reaching the base!  Mmmm… I bet she’s a real good cocksucker, having spent all those years in Hollywood.  Being a teen actress in Hollywood is great training for sucking cock, and with her career floundering in the mid-80s, I can bet that mouth worked overtime trying to find a producer that would giver her a chance once again!  But here she is, back in the spotlight and back on everyone’s minds as a great example of a mature actress doing sexy roles.  So if you’re a fan and you want to see more of her pornographic stuff, click here to see even more of her dirty photos and videos!