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August 17th, 2016 by J

Diane Lane always looks forward to doing her charity work. This is just one of the things that keep her mind off unpleasant things that happened between her and her past lovers. But there is another reason why she gets all excited during such events and this is mainly why she has moved on quite easily from her broken heart, her hot fuck buddy, one wild black man. It’s not just any ordinary sucking and fucking though as she prefers this jock’s massive cock inside her tight ass. Hardcore anal fucking is her major stress-reliever and it’s all caught on this wild sex tape.

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April 8th, 2016 by J

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Diane Lane was a mischievous lady since she was in her teen years. She’s not your typical girl who’d automatically choose her mother over her dad when they are about to split. She wanted independence and this kinda affected her in both the good and bad way since. She was feeling the freedom so much when she wasn’t living with either parents that she got too carefree about her actions and what she does in front of the camera. We’re not even talking about cameras on film shoots or photo opts, we’re referring to going naughty with someone on the web. As her younger self and full of wild longings, Diane explored her sexual desires with a pal when they do cam meets. She would go naked and spread her legs and start playing with herself and she is satisfied and that she pleased her friend too. But Diane isn’t just all about pussy-playing this time around as she was trying for the first time, fingering her tight ass. She needs to know why people are addicted and now she knows for a fact the answer to that. She wanted to get plowed by a hard cock in that tiny hole now.

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April 29th, 2010 by diane lane

Caught by the camera, we have actual photos of Diane Lane stroking someone’s cock (on her way to sucking it.)  Here’s a teaser of the image to show just how hot we think it is.  I mean this is Diane Lane, and I think she’s one hot MILF, and I bet you do to.  Having her suck some guy’s erection is a big turn on, even if it may be her husband Josh Brolin.  Just imagine the sight of Diane Lane’s lips gliding over your cockhead, then down the shaft before reaching the base!  Mmmm… I bet she’s a real good cocksucker, having spent all those years in Hollywood.  Being a teen actress in Hollywood is great training for sucking cock, and with her career floundering in the mid-80s, I can bet that mouth worked overtime trying to find a producer that would giver her a chance once again!  But here she is, back in the spotlight and back on everyone’s minds as a great example of a mature actress doing sexy roles.  So if you’re a fan and you want to see more of her pornographic stuff, click here to see even more of her dirty photos and videos!

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March 6th, 2009 by diane lane

Could this be another exercise Diane Lane got into to get herself prepared for her 2002 movie “Unfaithful“?  Well, it certainly doesn’t look like she was rehearsing for “My Dog Skip” here.  Although I just think this was a candid shot taken while Diane Lane was just enjoying a good fuck.  I mean, why can’t a hot momma like her get some hard, juicy cock in her pussy whenever she feels like it?  That could even be her current hubby Josh Brolin fucking her there on the floor.  Or maybe it’s even her first husband Christopher Lambert pounding her pussy.  All that should important to us is that there’s a photo of it and we get to see her smooth slit swallow that man sausage!  She looks like she’s really enjoying the moment too, which is probably why she didn’t notice the camera taking a picture of this hot carnal moment

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March 6th, 2009 by diane lane

To prepare herself for her role in “Unfaithful“, Diane Lane had to get comfortable getting naked on cam.  The sex scenes were really intense, because of the need of director Adrian Lyne to show real passion.  According to Diane, Adrian Lyne would shoot a whole magazine of film, “so one take was as long as five takes. By the end, you’re physically and emotionally shattered”.  Now that’s one director who really takes his sex scenes seriously.  What else can a dedicated actress like Diane Lane do but give as much effort to make those scenes sizzling hot as her director does?

I guess that’s why we have these naked pics of Diane Lane right here.  She obviously thought the best way to get comfy with her sex scenes would be to really let go and unleash her inner slut.  And these images show just that!  Her naked poses here aren’t those artistic nudes that stars sometimes do for magazines, with their coy poses and shadows that hide the really important parts.  No, these Diane Lane nudes are pornographic, just the way she’d be if she were to be horny and ‘unfaithful’ with a lusty lover ready to bone her real good.

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March 6th, 2009 by diane lane

If you’re familiar with Diane Lane just from her recent work, you’ve probably been turned on by her scenes in “Unfaithful“, and you know that she can be a very sensual woman when she wants to.  It’s no surprise then, that she’s got these risque pictures around, showing her in erotic poses while wearing sexy lingerie.  Diane Lane is no old prude, after all, she’s a mature and sexual woman who knows how to turn men on.  These pics showing Diane Lane in lingerie are just right to introduce her to those who may not be familiar with her critically-acclaimed role in “Unfaithful”.  It’s a spicy taste of what’s to come with this hot MILF.  First comes lingerie, then next time all the clothes are off with this woman.  No wonder she’s so tempting in that role.  Life meets art as scores of men all over are lusting over her right now, and wanking off in their bedrooms while the wife is preparing dinner downstairs…

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